A Healthy Security Practice

Posted on December 16, 2019

Last weekend, I took my kids to a “bounce park” filled with inflatable bounce houses. This was my first time there and I experienced an event shared with other establishments: they had digitized – great! … but not really …

Unfortunately I was handed a tablet and had to enter every last detail about our family, including addresses, dates of birth, and driver’s license information – 21 fields in total. In fact, I think about the only PII I wasn’t asked to enter was my mother’s maiden name and social security number. There was no policy available (even on request) on data retention, privacy, and accepted use. Can bounce houses in PA be subject to GDPR? Please?

“No children, you can’t jump yet. Daddy’s still struggling with understanding why this is a required field, and coming to terms with overbearing data collection in the face of playtime.”

It’s an interesting world we’re embarking towards. I guess I just have to hope “digitalwaiversrus” – the cloud service collecting my information on behalf of the bounce company – has a healthy security practice.


Author: Keith