Jumping into the Clouds

Posted on March 31, 2020


I’ve been running into more and more “Wave 2” CIOs and CTOs as of late—part of a growing “post-cloud” leadership team—and beginning to hear a common story. They’ve inherited a cloud-first estate from their predecessor(s) and are struggling to rationalize the promised value of the platform. Did it make their business cheaper? Faster? More agile? Is there less downtime? Did it solve their security challenges? Is their data protection more robust and well tested? Have they introduced new business capabilities and services they couldn’t have otherwise?

In many cases, the resounding answer to many, if not most, of these questions was “No.” The same business dysfunction had simply been fork-lifted to a new platform. Fear sets in of cloud platform services lock-in becoming the next generation of the dusty AS/400 in the corner. The midrange engineer packing up for retirement chuckles at the thought as they walk out the door.

Perhaps the overwhelming chant of “cloud-first” from their peer group triggered a fear of missing out from the last exec. The “Wave 2” leader quietly changes the mantra to “the right workload on the right platform.” But wasn’t that always the rallying cry of an effective organization?


Author: Keith